Condition Is King

  • Katie Griswold
  • 11/20/19
Homes that have been recently updated are not only flying off the shelf, in most cases, buyers are paying a premium. This has been a growing trend over the last several years. It could be that HGTV’s home makeover shows are setting higher expectations. It could also be that prices have gotten so high that buyers want a “perfect” house for the top dollar they are spending. It could also be that most buyers are dual income in San Diego – seriously, who has time to pick out paint colors?
More and more, buyers place a higher value on homes that have been recently remodeled or have that fresh and new feeling. We are seeing exponential returns on the money sellers are investing to get their homes show ready. The National Association of Realtors estimates that for every $100 you invest in staging your home, the potential return is $400. And staging is just the tip of the iceberg. There are a lot of little things sellers can do that can translate into a higher sales price and less market time.
Sometimes it’s as simple as fresh paint, new flooring and light staging. Boom, the house feels fresh and new and you’ve got buyers lining up to see it. Sometimes it’s a new countertop in the kitchen, a freshly painted front door and light landscaping to improve the curb appeal. Sometimes it’s a bowl of lemons in the dining room, succulents in the bathrooms and bright fluffy throw pillows everywhere. The little things make a difference. But most importantly Sellers, you can spend a little and make a lot.
This is where Compass Concierge is such an asset for sellers. You can improve the value and marketability of your home without going into your own savings up front.

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