Buyer's Guide

How We Treat Our Buyers

Griswold Family Treatment

We Listen. Most agents love to talk, we love to listen. Buyers are all different with different goals and time frames needed for their success. We listen to your needs and develop a winning strategy for helping you find the perfect home at the best possible purchase price.

What is best for you, our Buyers? That is the question we constantly ask ourselves. As agents, we can only have one bottom line. The clients wishes and success are what is most important. We never push our buyers to higher price point beyond their comfort level. That is just the way we think.

Getting the best possible home for the best possible price is always our goal.

There is no pressure. We work on your time frame

We are family. We approach buying a home for you as if you are family. If we were purchasing a home for a family member, we take all the same steps required for success. We constantly sit down together and find solutions that are best for you and your home purchase.

It takes a team. Residential real estate sales is a complex business. Seventy percent of our time is spent after you are in escrow. Helping you locate the right lender, connecting you with a great home inspector, evaluating the home reports and explaining the multiple disclosures etc.. takes a team with a lot of skill. It takes three agent who work full time.

You get three agents for the price of one. One of us is always available. You do not get passed off to an assistant. We are present at all inspections to guide you through the process and to ensure you are purchasing the right home

Experience. We have 30 + years of successfully purchasing San Diego homes with our buyers. Having a great understanding of all the neighborhoods, the school systems, the traffic patterns etc.. and the comps, leads us to an informed and intelligent asking price.

Enthusiasm. We absolutely love what we do. Nothing gives us more joy than watching the delight on our buyers faces when they move into their new home.

Expert Negotiation Skills. These skills have been honed over 30 plus years of successfully buying and selling hundreds of homes for our clients. We love to negotiate from a position of strength and achieve the best possible outcome for our clients. We are not afraid to play chicken with sellers when necessary.

Powered by Compass. Buyers love Compass.Compass “Collections” provides accurate, up to date, home search data in a super user-friendly format. Compass “Collections” also gives buyers a sneak peak into all Compass “Coming Soon” listings!

Work With Us

We are passionate about helping people find home. Whether it’s a job change, a growing family, or retirement, people are constantly in states of transition. We love supporting our clients during these times. We are knowledgeable, supportive, and most of all, patient. We work on our client’s time frame, which often changes.